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Please do not use these instructions. All software and documentation is being migrated to github. Also please update any bookmarks, as this site will disappear shortly.

This page contains instructions for installing the OpenMIMS plugin in Fiji (recommended) or ImageJ. We highly recommend using Fiji.

Fiji Installation Instructions

  • 1) If Fiji is not already installed, download from; otherwise, skip to step 5
  • 2) Follow installation instructions for your system
  • 3) Start Fiji (on Linux or Windows, look inside the folder and run ImageJ-<systemtype>)
  • 4) Fiji will probably ask to update; let it run, and restart if prompted
  • 5) Reopen Fiji, choose Update Fiji from the Help menu
  • 6) In the Update window, click 'Manage update sites'
  • 7) Click 'Add' (not 'Add my site')
  • 8) Add our update site:
    Name: OpenMIMS URL: 
  • 9) Make sure OpenMIMS is checked, then click 'Close' (it should run, but may not actually download any files)
  • 10) Click 'Advanced mode', select 'View files of the OpenMIMS site'
  • 11) You should see the OpenMIMS files listed. Make sure all are selected, click Install, then Apply Changes

If you have problems contacting the Fiji update site, you can manually configure proxy settings by going to Edit->Options->Proxy Settings in the ImageJ menu.

ImageJ Installation Instructions

To install the plugin, download the from ( and copy all the extracted contents to the ImageJ home ’plugins’ folder and then restart ImageJ. Note this plugin requires a 1.43u or later version of ImageJ ( and Java 1.6.

NRIMS Main Website: